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Doggie Daycare can be beneficial for your dog for many different reasons. It can be an alternative to leaving a destructive dog unattended all day, an opportunity for a young dog to play or just time for a dog to be a dog. The pack environment offers socialization and exercise. During the day, the dogs get plenty of space to play indoors and outside. All play time is carefully supervised and we positively reinforce good behaviors throughout the day.


We offer affordable daily rates as well as packages of days at discounted prices. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to see a full list of prices. 


We offer the dogs access to both indoor and outdoor play all day. Our outdoor play area is covered so we are not restricted by weather. We have lots of toys to chew, chase and squeak for your dog's entertainment. Like regular daycare, our "kids" have snacks and play time. The dogs are not crated or caged while they are at daycare, unless a time out is needed. We do not have any specific drop-off or pick-up times so that we can provide daycare for our customers when it is convenient for them. 

We believe these are some of the most important things to provide for the dogs:
- a clean, calm, cage-free atmosphere
- collar free play groups
- safe introduction to the pack
- the understanding of each individual dog's needs

Boarding with us means that you get the daycare experience of exercise and stimulation throughout the day, and a cozy bed to sleep in at night. No longer does your dog need to be stuck in a kennel while you're away. For your pets' safety, we only board dogs that have previously attended our daycare to ensure that we are familiar with your dogs' personality and that your dog is comfortable spending his or her days at daycare. We offer overnight care that is supervised full time and provide the comfort of your pet's regular routine. Our dogs spend their days in daycare each day for a fun filled day of play. We have limited spots for boarding, so reserve your space now!

Professional, insured caretakers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours! We have extensive experience caring for dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, birds and even kangaroos.


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